Professional Services
GREGORIA SANCHEZ, International Lawyer with more than 25 years of experience, has been serving companies and individuals in connection with both foreign and domestic matters.

She is a practicing lawyer and a member of the Bar Association of Madrid and of the State of New York, specialized in US and Spanish legislation focusing mainly in the following following areas:

  • Domestic and trans-border testate and intestate probate matters, including inheritance, gifts and capital gains tax advice.
  • Family Law general matters and exequaturs: Acknowledgement and recognition of foreign divorce judgments
  • Formation of and advice to corporations in the USA and in Spain (small to medium size companies, mainly)
Furthermore, Attorney G. SANCHEZ collaborates with other US and Spanish attorneys and CPAs with expertise in the following areas of the law:
  • International and domestic taxation, including US and Spanish tax filings, with or without the application of international tax treaties to avoid double taxation
  • Intellectual and industrial property, including registration of patents and TMs in the US and in the European Union TM Office, located in Spain.
  • Immigration: visas, citizenship, permanent residency applications in the USA and in Spain
  • Civil and criminal procedures (litigation)

Among her clients there are companies and individuals residing in Europe, USA and Latin America, countries where she has close collaborators at prestigious law firms.


Attorney G. SANCHEZ, after graduating at the faculty of Law of the University of Barcelona (Spain), and after working as a fellow at the "ICEX" (Foreign Trade Institute of Spain) at the Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Sydney (Australia), settled in New York, where she was admitted at the Brooklyn Law School, "BLS".

She graduated from BLS, passed the New York State Bar exam, and became a member of the NY Bar Association.

She worked for a few years with two NY International Law Firms and, thereafter, she opened her first law office in Midtown Manhattan, NYC.

Attorney G. SANCHEZ has lectured in Spain as well as in the U.S.A. She was Chair of the International Law Committee of the NYC Women´s Bar Association, where she participated in seminars and conferences, mainly in connection with International Private Law Issues. She has also good relations with Not-for-Profit Spanish Associations in the NY area (Casa de Galicia, Centro Español, etc.), which often request her presence to keep them updated on Spanish legislative changes.

The use of modern technologies and the large number of collaborators she has in Europe and in America, allows her Law Office to represent very effectively and professionally companies with businesses in the European and American continents, as well as individual clients of any nationality, regardless of where they are located.

Although Attorney G. SANCHEZ presently resides in Madrid, she travels often to NY where she continues representing domestic and foreign clients, individuals and small and medium size Spanish and North American corporations, mainly. 

The representation and counseling in different systems of law, in different jurisdictions and in different languages, English/Spanish” mainly (with knowledge of other languages, such as French, Italian) make her professional services be very useful and competitive for those clients who require a personal and or international attention.


In addition to the aforementioned services, the Law Office of Gregoria Sanchez offers you the following services:

1  Drafting and execution of Public Deeds before any Notary Public; inscription of public documents in  Mercantile and Real Estate Property Registries and in any other Public Records’ Offices Certified Sworn Translations in multiple languages: English, Spanish, French, etc.

2   Handling of Apostilles and Legalization of documents of any nature, to be recognized and validated in countries members (or not) of the “The Hague Convention”.

3    Handling of Last Wills & Testaments Certifications, Criminal Records, Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates  before the Justice Department or before any competent Civil Registry

4      Gregoria Sanchez is also a Licensed Notary Public, qualified in New York County, State of New York.